Baby Wet Wipes & Baby Wipes

Best 5 Baby Wipes Brands in India | Mothers’ Choice | Wet Wipes for Babies

When it comes to baby and infant care, we are always careful about our choices. In this post I’ve listed out top 5 baby wipes or baby wet wipes brands in India, based on customer feedback and reviews. Comparison of various brands based on cost per wipe is also tabulated at the end of post. […]

Hazard Lights Button

Were you using the hazard lights wrong way all these while?

When should you use the hazard light? Choose your answer. When it is raining. When the vehicle is being towed. When you are changing your tyres. When you have parked your car. Does all of the above seems right to you? Then you are not completely wrong. But the correct answers are 2&3. What are […]

9 basic things you should consider before buying a smartphone- A guide

9 Basic Things you should consider before Buying a Smartphone Below is a guide before buying your dream smartphone 1.Processor 2.RAM 3.Camera 4.Storage 5.Display 6.Operating Frequency 7.Battery 8.Software 9.Design Processor Quality of the cores is important than the number of cores.  Is 8 cores better than 4 cores? Not necessarily. Unless you are an avid […]

New Oneplus 3T Gunmetal unboxing , hands on and review

New One plus 3T 64 GB|6 GB RAM|Gunmetal unboxing and review. Buy Here: OnePlus 3T 16MP primary camera (f/2.0 Aperture, 1.12 µm Pixel size) with high speed autofocus technology (PDAF), updated Electronic (EIS) and Optical (OIS) stabilization technologies protected by a more durable sapphire glass with a 16 MP front camera (f/2.0 Aperture, 1.0 µm […]

OnePlus 3T Dash Charging Review and comparison with Lenovo ZUK Z1 Fast Charging

OnePlus 3T Dash Charging claims to charge 3450mAh fully in one hour and Lenovo ZUK Z1 Fast charging claims to fully charge the 4100mAh beast in 2 hrs. Lets take a look at how both performs in actual scenario. You can buy the Phone from following links: Oneplus 3T ZUK Z1  

12 Places on earth, you are not allowed to visit

Somethings cannot be bought with money, for everything else there is mastercard or Visa ;P. These are the places in the world where you are not allowed to visit. 1.Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion (Ethiopia) Original Ark of the Covenant (a chest containing the stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were etched). Only […]


Power Bank for WiFi Router | Upto 7 Hours Backup | Compact Router UPS

ADSL Modem or Wifi Router UPS Resonate Power banks are one of the most sold and highly rated Router UPS or Modem UPS on Amazon and other online e-commerce sites in India. I happened to buy this last week for my Airtel Modem cum Router and on initial testing I was getting 7 hours back […]

Letter to AO to correct wrong assessment year

Wrong Assessment Year in Income Tax Challan| How I Fixed it|Correct Tax Challan

Wrong Assessment Year in Income Tax Challan| How I Fixed it I hope you have reached here because you have entered wrong Assessment Year in your Income Tax challan, maybe while paying Self-assessment Tax. I know well what you are going through right now, because I’ve been through that. I am a freelancer and when […]

Tracking PPF calculator yearly

Public Provident Fund Returns PPF Calculator Download

PPF (Public Provident Fund) Returns Calculator This PPF calculator and tracker is one of the most reliable Public Provident Fund returns calculator available online. You can use this tool to calculate amount earned against a fixed monthly installment as well as you can use this to track your PPF payments and use this as a passbook […]

Fasten your Helmet Strap

Fasten the Helmet Strap or Stop Wearing it!

Fasten the Helmet Strap or Stop Wearing it! To all the motorist out there, do not forget to fasten your helmet strap. Not strapping it up is as bad as not wearing a helmet. If you are wearing a helmet to protect yourself while riding your two wheeler, please take my advice and if you […]