Faucet with Water Filer at Tip

3 Easy Steps to Repair Low Water-flow in Faucets Yourself | DIY |How To

“Hardness in the water leaves mineral deposits in faucet filters and aerators reducing the water flow. These scales or clogs increases with time blocking the water flow completely.” Causes of reduced Pressure in Faucets If you are living in a metro or if you are dependent on bore wells for your water needs, there is […]

Gel type Car Air-Fresheners

Why You Should NOT Use Car Air Freshener | Symptoms | Alternatives

“Headache is only one of the ill effects of using car air freshener. It can causes irritability, anxiety, fatigue, respiratory problems, irritation or itching in eyes, asthma, dizziness and other seemingly nonspecific symptoms.” The Incident If you have a car the first add-on that you would buy would be an Air Freshener. In fact Car […]