Hazard Lights Button

Were you using the hazard lights wrong way all these while?

When should you use the hazard light? Choose your answer. When it is raining. When the vehicle is being towed. When you are changing your tyres. When you have parked your car. Does all of the above seems right to you? Then you are not completely wrong. But the correct answers are 2&3. What are […]

Fasten your Helmet Strap

Fasten the Helmet Strap or Stop Wearing it!

Fasten the Helmet Strap or Stop Wearing it! To all the motorist out there, do not forget to fasten your helmet strap. Not strapping it up is as bad as not wearing a helmet. If you are wearing a helmet to protect yourself while riding your two wheeler, please take my advice and if you […]

Gel type Car Air-Fresheners

Why You Should NOT Use Car Air Freshener | Symptoms | Alternatives

“Headache is only one of the ill effects of using car air freshener. It can causes irritability, anxiety, fatigue, respiratory problems, irritation or itching in eyes, asthma, dizziness and other seemingly nonspecific symptoms.” The Incident If you have a car the first add-on that you would buy would be an Air Freshener. In fact Car […]