Power Bank for WiFi Router | Upto 7 Hours Backup | Compact Router UPS

ADSL Modem or Wifi Router UPS Resonate Power banks are one of the most sold and highly rated Router UPS or Modem UPS on Amazon and other online e-commerce sites in India. I happened to buy this last week for my Airtel Modem cum Router and on initial testing I was getting 7 hours back […]

Letter to AO to correct wrong assessment year

Wrong Assessment Year in Income Tax Challan| How I Fixed it|Correct Tax Challan

Wrong Assessment Year in Income Tax Challan| How I Fixed it I hope you have reached here because you have entered wrong Assessment Year in your Income Tax challan, maybe while paying Self-assessment Tax. I know well what you are going through right now, because I’ve been through that. I am a freelancer and when […]

Faucet with Water Filer at Tip

3 Easy Steps to Repair Low Water-flow in Faucets Yourself | DIY |How To

“Hardness in the water leaves mineral deposits in faucet filters and aerators reducing the water flow. These scales or clogs increases with time blocking the water flow completely.” Causes of reduced Pressure in Faucets If you are living in a metro or if you are dependent on bore wells for your water needs, there is […]