Hazard Lights Button

Were you using the hazard lights wrong way all these while?

When should you use the hazard light? Choose your answer.

  1. When it is raining.
  2. When the vehicle is being towed.
  3. When you are changing your tyres.
  4. When you have parked your car.

Does all of the above seems right to you? Then you are not completely wrong. But the correct answers are 2&3.

What are hazard lights or warning lights?

Hazard light locations on Car
Hazard light locations on Car

Hazard lights are a pair of intermittent flashing indicator lights which works simultaneously  to warn other drivers on the road , that your vehicle is a temporary obstruction. Hazard light gives a visual warning to other drivers to be careful of their current course.

Different countries use the warning lights differently but the basic use remains the same.

Hazard Lights Button
Hazard Lights Button

If you are taking up a driving license test, check with the local Road Transport or licensing authority, how typically the hazard light is used in that country.

When should you actually use the warning lights?

Warning lights should be used when your vehicle is a temporary obstruction on the road. For Example, When your vehicle is broken down on the road or if you are changing a tyre or when you are being towed.

Car getting towed
Car getting towed

If your vehicle is on-tow, you need to indicate the turns using the hand signal because the hazard lights will override the indicators.

You can also use the hazard lights if you are hitting or braking suddenly. In some newer generation cars its automatically switched on if you apply sudden brakes. Check with your vehicle dealer or manufacturer if the feature is available in your vehicle.

When should you not use hazard lights?

You cannot justify driving on the wrong side of a road by switching on the hazard light. You cannot switch the hazard light when you’ve parked illegally on the road either.

You should not switch on the hazard lights if its raining/foggy and if the vehicle is moving, It may seem to other vehicle drivers that you’ve parked in the middle of the road and can cause accidents. If its raining and the visibility is bad you should park the car on the side of the road and switch on the hazard lights.

Safe driving to all of you…


John Paul Author