Letter to AO to correct wrong assessment year

Wrong Assessment Year in Income Tax Challan| How I Fixed it|Correct Tax Challan

Wrong Assessment Year in Income Tax Challan| How I Fixed it

I hope you have reached here because you have entered wrong Assessment Year in your Income Tax challan, maybe while paying Self-assessment Tax. I know well what you are going through right now, because I’ve been through that. I am a freelancer and when I paid my fist Self-assessment tax in 2014, I did the same mistake. My bad luck starts here, I had put financial year as assessment year. I was really pissed off with myself when I realised that what I did was a big blunder and AY should be the next year of FY. When I check my form 26 AS the credit has been given to wrong year.

If you are not late you can follow the steps here to contact you bank and correct your challan. 

Immediately when I realized the mistake, I picked up my phone and called the bank through which I had paid the challan, ICICI bank. Thank you for the uneducated and unaware customer service executive who said they cannot do anything about that and they are not authorized to change challan details (as per recent updates from IT some fields in challan can be corrected on request by Bank Manager within 7 days or so, which I did not have then). I had paid almost 10k INR. When I check online I couldn’t get any other help other that “Contact your AO”. There was no challan correction mechanism suggested by ITD during that time which you can find now if you google it.

Letter to AO to correct wrong assessment year
Letter to AO to correct wrong assessment year

Now what the hell his AO, after doing lot of research, I found details of my AO, but not his name, on income tax e-filing website along with his address. I wrote a letter to him and I posted it via speed post. Again my bad luck strikes in, the address of AO mentioned in the site was wrong, but the best part is that the AO where my letter was delivered, was kind enough to call me and tell the fact that  I have sent letter to wrong address and she gave me the right address. Meanwhile I got an intimation u/s 143 from IT saying I have not paid tax and they have found some matching payments. But unless I move the tax credit to the correct year, I cannot file a rectification.

So now I resent the letter to new address and got confirmation from speed post that the letter was delivered to AO. I waited for two weeks and kept checking my 26AS for updates. Noting happened. I really don’t wanted to pay 10k again. Going and meeting my AO is person was not practical as I was out of station. I searched online for phone numbers. I got the directory of phone numbers from google, I tried all the numbers and finally the Pr. CIT officer picked up. I explained to him my situation and he gave me my AOs name and contact details. At last I got to talk to my AO, a very kind man. When I mentioned my name and about my letter he said he will look into it, he promised that the AY has been changed now and will reflect in 26AS after one week. I said I will call after a week. Now I’m waiting for 26 AS to get updated. Will update the thread as soon as my 26AS gets updated.

I’m sharing the letter that I had send to AO, below.

Click here to download the file


15/09/2016: Finally got my Assessment Year Changed in Income Tax challan and the credit reflected to the correct year on Form 26AS

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